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Aerial View of a Pool


At Echo Aquatics we follow USA Water Polo safety guidelines:


Entering/Exiting Facility: There is a designated entrance at the Weldon gate with health screening for all participants and spectators. When leaving the facility the exit is at by the tennis courts to avoid congestion.


Masks Required: Spectators, athletes, coaches, and referees must be wearing face masks, covering both nose and mouth, at ALL TIMES within the facility with the following exceptions: 

- Athletes while actively participating in warm-up in the pool and during games. 

- Coaches when able to maintain six feet physical distancing during games.


Six Feet Physical Distancing: While on the pool deck and in the stands, six feet physical distancing is required from others not in the same household. 


No Locker Rooms/Restrooms: Athletes should arrive in swimsuits and depart without changing. Restrooms should be available for use in case of emergency.


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