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Echo Aquatics was established in 2019 to support high school athletes. Through the club we are able to provide training for high school athletes all year around and offer sessions to children as young as three. By starting kids at a younger age we are able to contribute to growing aquatics sports and increase the competitive climate.


In addition to consistent training throughout the year, our mission is to make aquatic sports and safety accessible. 

We do this three ways:

  1. We do not charge current high school students to participate in our programs.

  2. We hire our athletes to help teach swim and water polo. This not only improves their own skills, but allows us to require them to finish a course in financial literacy.

  3. We have established a sponsorship program to encourage children to participate in our programs who may not be able to afford it.

Our philosophy at Echo Aquatics is we believe participation in athletics builds self esteem, character, and a strong work ethic. Athletics teaches the value of sportsmanship, leadership, and respect for fellow teammates/competitors. We believe the higher the expectation, the greater the achievement.

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