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Our Athlete's Recovery

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Hello Echo Community,

One of our beloved athletes was involved in a life changing situation back in November. This young man has overcame many obstacles, but has a long way to go. We are writing today to ask for your help. Below is a letter from his mother, a FUSD teacher, asking for unused sick time so she can focus on his recovery. If you are not an employee of FUSD, there are other ways you support this young man and his family.

Share this email with others.

Donate blood. There is currently a shortage of blood. Our athlete received several life saving transfusions. Your donation can literally save a life.

Thank you,



My name is Olivia J Olmos and I’ve taught in FUSD for 5 years. During this time, I have served the Roeding community. I have taught Fifth grade, First grade, and Kindergarten. I’ve proudly been an educator in the Central Valley for 20 years. Teaching brings me so much joy, and I miss my students tremendously. But as a single mother of two boys, I have had to put my family first.

On Nov 8, 2021, my oldest son, Christian was the victim of a shooting during an Offer Up transaction here in town. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the torso, abdomen, and legs. Christian was hospitalized for three months and sustained several life altering injuries. Some of his injuries include: damage to the left elbow, left kidney, pancreas, intestines, ureter, colon, abdomen, legs, and lower back. It truly is a miracle Christian has survived all of these injuries.

He was released from the hospital last week and is in much better spirits at home with his little brother, and pets. Christian currently requires 24 hour care from me due to an L1 compression fracture, which has left him unable to walk. Thankfully, his fracture did not cause paralysis, it only protrudes slightly into the spine. Christian has movement and feeling in his lower body. Yet, he will require many months of physical therapy to rehabilitate from this and his other injuries. Doctors anticipate Chris will be able to return to normal activity sometime in the future.

Christian is a 2021 graduate of Fresno High School. His school activities included: swimming, diving and water polo. Chris was a lifeguard for the City of Fresno Parks and Recreation, and worked part time in the food industry. He started college this past fall with the goal of becoming an entrepreneur. Some of his favorite activities are hiking, and backpacking. Christian loves exploring and experiencing nature.

FUSD has flexibility with regards to employee sick time. I am planning to be Christian’s primary caretaker for the next few months and qualify for donated sick time. This means any employee of FUSD can donate their sick time to my account. If you are an employee of Fresno Unified and would consider donating sick time on my behalf please fill out the attached form and email it to Your generosity will help me continue to focus on my son's recovery without the added distraction or loss of wages.

You may also direct any questions to Tyler Seib at 457-3525.

Thank you,

Olivia J. Olmos

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