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4 Tips to Help Your Child Overcome Fear of the Water

Fresno is known to be scorching hot in the summer and water activities are a great way to escape the heat. For parents and children, being safe and comfortable in the water is a critical part of summer fun. However, fear of the water is the most common obstacle when it comes to getting kids to learn how to swim. Below are four steps to help your child become comfortable with the water and enjoy water sports.

  1. Start slow and make it fun. Kids will do things at their own pace, so it’s important to give them the space they need. If your child will not jump in the water, start at the pool steps so they can put their legs in. Once they become comfortable with their legs in the water, have them get into their waist. Continue until they are fully in the water.

  2. Have a “big kid” assist. Most children look up to older kids. Having an older kid play with your little one in the water will go a long way. At Echo Aquatics we hire Fresno High School aquatic athletes to teach our swim lessons, which will help your child get comfortable in the pool.

  3. Celebrate the small victories. Positive reinforcement goes a long way. Whether it’s praise, a goal chart, or a treat after each session, positive reinforcement helps keep a child on track and ready to try something a bit harder the next time.

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  1. Give kids choices. So much of a child's life is determined by adults. When it comes to water, the more they want to be there, the better. Give them choices so the experience is more on their terms, for example:

    • Selecting which swimsuit to wear

    • Getting in the pool from the stairs or the side

    • Which toy(s) they want to bring

All kids are different and will take different paths to find their stride with activities. It’s important that a child has the space to become comfortable in the water so they can thrive and keep cool in the summer.

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